Who Are You Not Going to Call?

Email Sent in by Spencer:

Hola I am Tiffany. I started my oewn business here in america and now am rich! I am serious you should see below:

Do you believe in GHOSTS? There are everywhere! If you order my GHOST elimination kit (©®†1995) then you will be safe from GHOSTS. It is only NOT A JOKE.

I sell my GHOST elimination packets to only men because I have leanred that women can't defeat GHOSTS. Yes I am a woman but my GHOST elimination kit (©®†1995) was made from my idea by men and then I owned it. Other than that I love my family and pet cat and my nieces and nephew.

Remember that to eliminate GHOSTS you need my GHOST elimination kit (©®†1995) so what are you waiting for be rid of GHOSTS today.



  1. Hmmm... I don't know, Tiffany. $ sounds good, but when you figure in $ßœ.9µ in taxes and $¥ø¬ in shipping...

  2. That is the best! That actually made my day.

  3. Maybe this is some kind of code for prostitution? And she's saying its only for men, not women... i.e. she doesn't do women.

  4. You may be onto something there, Steve.

  5. This was clearly written by a man.


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