Unwrap Party

Story Sent in by Emanuelle:

On my way to my date with Jeff, he sent a text: "u like surprises???"

"Good ones," I typed back.

He replied, "OK. I better get there early then. For ur birthday ;)" My birthday was the following week.

When I arrived at the Indian restaurant where our date was to be, he was already seated in a booth. He greeted me but didn't stand up, and he also wore a long coat. As I sat down, I asked him, with a careful grin, "You're not going to flash me, are you?"

He opened his coat, and he had a nice dress shirt on. Relieved, I asked him about the surprise, and he said that I'd find out about it soon enough. He rushed us through dinner, he paid, and we went outside. He had wrapped himself tightly in his coat, as if he didn't want me to see something he had going on underneath it.

Once we were outside, he walked us quickly down the sidewalk. There weren't many people around. He turned to me, smiled, and opened his coat.

His lower abdomen, waist, and upper legs were... wrapped in a tight sort of wrapping paper skirt, complete with a big red bow, right between his legs.

"Happy early birthday!" he said as I stepped back, and back, and back.

"Thanks," I replied, "You can put that away, now." I glanced around, at once hoping and not-hoping that other people would be seeing this.

He said, "I did something special with my dick for you, too. I'll completely understand if you don't want to see it on a first date."

"I don't."

"Why not?"

I moved back a bit more. "It's just moving a bit too fast for me."

"But your birthday is only once a year, and–"

"I said no. No. No, no, no, no, no."

He turned away, said, "Bye, then," and shuffled off. As he did, he tore away at the wrapping paper, crumpled it up, and threw it, in a ball, onto the sidewalk.

(From Jared: Update! Comments issue fixed. You can now comment to your heart's content. Check out this article about the zany places you'll find your picture if you're a stock photo model. Have a nice day.)


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  2. Not gonna buy you a diamond ring,
    that kinda gift don't mean anything.

    Not gonna buy you a fancy car,
    Girl you gotta know you're my shining star.

    Not gonna buy you a house in the hills,
    A girl like you needs something real...


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