Scent of a Loser

Story Sent in by Evelyn:

Wayne and I were set up together on a blind date by a friend we had in common. He and I met in a park. He was easy on the eyes and, initially, made great conversation.

We had walked for around 20 minutes when he knelt to tie his sneaker right next to me. A moment later, he tilted his head up and took a big whiff of my lower abdomen.

I stepped away, and he gave me a smile. "Just making sure you're not pregnant!" he said.

"I'm not," I replied, "Are you nuts?"

He stood up and said, "Depends. Can I sniff your ass?"

The date was over. I told him, "Bye," and left. He didn't follow me, and I haven't seen him ever since then.


  1. Um, hello... how else was he to know if you were in estrus??

  2. Maybe we lack that "not so fresh feeling?"

    Just saying...

  3. What a dog, and behaves like one too. "Oh let's put my nose in your crotch because it's where the information is."

    Humans who can detect that sort of stuff and realize it at the conscious level are pretty rare. If you can't smell it when you're standing, you don't have the olfactory prowess to make the determination.


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