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Who I'm looking for:

I like men who can dance. I've been dancing for years. Swing, contra, salsa, ballroom, blues, jazz, I love them all, and I go out for it whenever I can... mostly because I have been dancing for years, and cannot stop. Even when I come home and watch television I am still dancing I think that an evil witch placed a curse on me because I just can't stop oh my god can someone stop me when I sleep I can't stop because I am still dancing and I dance 24 hours a day and I haven't slept in years and I just keep dancing and adancayng s danfnfnvcosantnos dsdtop amhilem ma efogh god someohnes hlep me wplaese.


  1. How convenient, as I have an unoccupied lap!

  2. LOL, Steve! Actually, I think this one is kind of cute, in a silly playful way.

  3. Oh, so you would be going on a date with the Red Shoes. Great plan.


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