A Prickly Predicament of Porcine Proportions

Email Sent in by Adam:

There are potential problems that I see with going out with your brother. First he is a Turkish pig farmer (you are also Turkish) but these are known as the worst of the pig farmers. Secondly there are the pigs to deal with and most pig farmers I know of are loath to part with their pigs who they come to see more and more as family. If your brother thinks that this wouldn't be a problem then I'm willing to give him a shot. We will see won't we?


(Adam says: "I never wrote to this woman in the first place; I don't have a brother.")


  1. And I bet she loooves bacon. What a hypocrit!

  2. Well, Colleen DOES raise some good points, even if they are completely unrelated to the OP or reality in general. Everyone knows pig farmers think of their pigs as family, hence the origin of the phrase "Squeal like a piggy!" If you were Colleen, this would certainly be a source of concern to you, and the best way to reassure yourself would be to write to an anonymous stranger about the issue.


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