Dude, Change Your Profile Pictures

Email Sent in by Bobby:

ur profile sez u r a man but hav u thought about being a lady? i think u would make a pretty girl!

my friend just now said "oh hes hot for a girl!" LOL. if we went on a date i would make u wear a dress and curls and they would say "would u 2 ladies like to look at our wine list!" HAHAHAHAHAHA. Srsly im gunna think u the hottest woman i seen on this site. i don't like women (to date with) but i knw a lot of women who would love u. ur sister if u have a sister prob is like a supergirl if u look this much like a girl. she looks so much like a girl that she it mebbe 3th sex? HAHAHAHAHAHA.



  1. What Carol said was cruel and uncalled for. What a horrible person!

    That said, I'm glad to see there are still women out there who prefer their men to look masculine and are tired of this Justin Bieber trend. So I'll give her points for that.

    1. Cruel? I'm sure Bobby didn't cry over some obviously drunk girl telling him he looks like a girl. It's the internet. If he *was* offended by it, then maybe he should consider manning up. (Oh, yeah, I went there.)

  2. In a sea of awfulness, the hardest thing to wrap my head around is "3th." What .. I don't even... *facepalm*.

    Threeth thumbs up.

  3. I like dudes who look like girls, with some qualifiers, so it's awfully mean of her to be... well, mean.

    3th is the best number word ever. It's in my lexicon now.

  4. I wonder what Bobby and Carol would be like on their 1rd date... or if that goes well, their 2st?


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