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Email Sent in by Andre:

We all masks wear. The question is does your mask match mine with? I am a local singer who wants nothing more than to meet people new! I was born and raised in area this. Went to college here around. Glad to have my roots here and I really love this place and people its. If you are originally from here, have you ever been to watertower the?

I've been a born performer since I was young very. I made the second round of American Idol when I was 10 only! Since then I've performed across the USE on tours 2. I want to scheudle a few more places to tour before the year out is.

What do you do for living a? I saw on your profile that you do consulting management. What does entail that? Do you give advice managers? Would I have heard of any of the companies that helped you?

Also, it was neat to see your work sculpture. Always good to have hobby a. Have you ever shown your anywhere work? Maybe make it more than hobby a?

Thanks reading for. I hope to hear you from.



  1. So what is everyone's vote; crazy, dyslexic, prankster, or Yoda?

    1. I'd say it's an attempt to be original, stand out from the pack and get some conversation going. "Why do you talk/write funny like that?" "I think normal grammar is boring/dumb/not for me, so I'm setting a new trend. I'm different/original/not like the rest," etc. etc.

      Of course, any of the ones you wrote could be valid too. Maybe all at once.

  2. Idol doesn't accept 10 year olds (and they certainly didn't back at the beginning), and "second round" is "going to hollywood", so the email is probably bs anyway.

    1. She could be referring to American Juniors, an Idol spinoff show with kids. That was around 10 years ago so she'd be college age now. Of course bullshit is a possibility too.

  3. Strong in the Force this one is... but wise in sentence structure she is not. Turn to the Dark Side of the dating pool she will.

  4. Ok, being a musician and knowing a fair few, I've became used to people who talk them selves up with regards to their accomplishments in the music industry. These are usually people who think they are better than others and do stupid thing; like change basic grammar to get noticed. They then pretend that it is really unique and cool. My vote is it's real and she is one of those annoying musicians who think they're awesome because they do weird stuff.


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