What a Coincidence. It's My Steal-a-Stranger's-Car Night.

Story Sent in by Steven:

On a Tuesday, Laci and I scheduled a date for a week from that coming Thursday. We spoke most of the days leading up to it, and the day of, I called her to chat and to confirm our evening's plans. Her phone went to voicemail, so I left a short, looking-forward-to-seeing-you-later message, and went on about my day.

Not long before our date that evening, she called me up to ask if I could meet her at a different spot than the restaurant we had picked out. It wasn't much further away, so I drove there, parked, and found her, for all intents and purposes, dressed for a jog, complete with a neon yellow windbreaker.

She slapped me five, jogged in place, and said, "Hey, so I forgot that tonight's one of my running nights. I usually run for an hour then shower and then go straight to bed."

I replied, "We had a date scheduled for tonight. Remember?"

She said, "Well yeah, but it's my running night, and I forgot about that. I have some spare leggings in my car if you want to run with me."

Before waiting for an answer, she opened a nearby station wagon's back door and pulled out a wrinkled set of skin-tight leggings. It looked like they'd just as soon fit an elephant as fit me, and I'm not overweight.

She handed them to me, hastened the pace at which she jogged in place, and popped in a set of headphones. "You can put them on here and catch up. I'm already late."

With that, she jogged away, leaving me right next to her open car with a set of tiny jogging pants in my hand. I was confused at her behavior, and also amazed that she'd be fine with leaving me next to her open vehicle. True, we had spoken online and over the phone for a few weeks up until that point, but still, I wouldn't have likely trusted someone I had just met in person to be alone with my car while I just ran off.

I tossed her pants back into the car, locked the door, shut it, and just left. I decided not to reach out to her unless she called me first. From that day to this, I haven't heard a word from her.


  1. *Yawn* Maybe she knew you were too boring to steal her car?

    Jared, can we get to the "Jerry Springer" type stories already? We need something juicy that will spark one of those epic ABCotD debates.

    1. Go on a "Jerry Springer" type date, then send it in!

      Or just wait to see what's in the pipeline.

    2. Jarod, I'm CYNICAL, not single. Besides, I already have one of my old dating stories in your pipeline.

    3. Dogs don't date, silly Jared. (Other than the Italian Restaurant scene from Lady and the Tramp, but everyone knows that not real...) :-p

  2. You should've driven it a block away, to freak her out.


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