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Ho long since dad push the kabosh on things. I have lived veriously in his attic his spare bedroom and in his shoes. Maybe you can tell me why in amer we use an elctoral college and not voters like everywhere else on the planet? Heh my father yelled this at the boob tube before he put his shoe through it but I was livig in the shoe at the time! That is why I now live around broken glass and cathode rays. The electricity is all ok but the mindswaps are what bother me most.


  1. Poor mentally-ill people... :-(

  2. mentally ill? hardly. i applaud this esoteric and the way he eschews all standardized rules of grammar and spelling, not to mention the way he poetically pulled the seemingly nonsensical rant together with the shoe metaphor at the end.

  3. If I put in big words and phrases I heard at some point, I'll sound smart, even if my grammar makes no sense!


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