Vandalism Loves Company

Story Sent in by Vera:

Over our first date dinner, Walter asked me about my job as an elementary school teacher, and specifically with regards to discipline. He told me, "I had a terrible teacher in third and fourth grade. Two years in a row, of all the luck. She was a terror to the students. She was already old when I was there. By now, she has to be close to 80."

"And she hasn't retired?" I asked.

He said, "She just hates kids so much, she would die if prevented from making their lives miserable."

He alternated between drinking and complaining about this teacher until he stopped talking altogether and instead giggled uncontrollably. I asked him if he was okay, and he said, "I am, I'm just imagining that teacher's head on a stick, and it gave me a good idea."

Creepy, but it ended the conversation about her, and so we moved on to other things. After dinner, we took a walk and he led me to his old elementary school, a little over a quarter-mile away from where we had eaten. He hopped a fence and ran up a field, leaving me there.

"Walter!" I called after him, but he didn't turn back. I guessed that he was ditching me, and so I turned and left.

I had almost made it back to my car when he called me. I picked up and he said, "I just put a few rocks through her window. Where are you?"

"I went home," I said.

"Oh. Never mind, then," he replied, then hung up.

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