Forget I Asked

Email Sent in by John:

Just curious: where do ur balls go when u sit?


John Responds:

They just sort of tuck themselves out of the way. Why? Where do your balls go when you sit?


Allie Responds:

My ex lost one during flopsex. Found it behind my bed after breakup lol. I have it wrapped in toilet paper under the batroom sink.



  1. I had to look up flopsex. Ugh.

    1. The only definition I could find was for flip-flop sex, which doesn't really seem like it would apply and isn't that gross. Now I wanna know.

    2. Just remember that, whenever you do find out, you won't be able to un-know what you discover...

    3. Hey, unless it involves boils or growths it won't make me want to unlearn. Must have knowledge!

    4. Fair enough... but don't forget; this is the Internet we're talking about... you never know when a crazy goatse.cx pic of a granny and a donkey will pop out at ya! Or maybe I'm just glad I haven't been scarred like that for a few years now...


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