The Shame of Mr. Potato Head

Email Sent in by Christina:

Hi Chrissy:

I'm really glad to hear that everything went well. Congratulations! In your honor I have made potato figures of you and I, out of two potatoes from that bag I told you that I bought. Among everything else that I bought at the market yesterday I am most excited about the potatoes.

The male potato is me and I painted humanistic expressions on him and even dots that are the color of my own eyes. On the you potato I have painted your face. I drew clothes on my potato version of me but left you nude because I can sometimes be playful and dirty. There's even a line on the you potato that looks like a rear end! I used that as a guide to place the rest of your features.

I then gobbled up your potato and it was delectable!!! Thank you!



  1. Cannibalism really should wait until the third date.

  2. *"...of you and me." Subject of a preposition. Also, Agnes is the worst vegetariant ever. I've seen her eat baby cows...WHILE THEY WERE STILL ALIVE. She says they give her strength and virility that tofu does not.

  3. So, is Agnes a vegetarian who only makes and exception for baby cows, then? If people who eschew all meat but fish are pescatarians, is Agnes a vealitarian?

    Bad form on the whole "still alive" thing, though. You'd think they'd kick.

    1. This was in reply to Clikki. :l My bad.

    2. No worries, Ankh. <3 And "vealitarian" describes Agnes perfectly!


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