Or I Can Just Stay Here and Save on Airfare

Email Sent in by Howard:

Hi I'm Nina. Thanks for checking out my profile. I want to move to Australia by the time I am 30. Does that sound good to you? Lots of guys have a problem with moving for a woman, but they don't think twice about screwing her every day for a week on a shag carpet, leaving her pregnant, and then disappearing. No biggie, right? So I do not think that you moving to Australia with me is too much to ask. You can always move back to wherever you came from, but I can't un-give birth can I?

If you agree then write back.



  1. Shag Carpet ? Who wants to get pregnant form a guy with shag carpet ?!?!

    My guess is she tracked her Baby Daddy to the Land Down Under and is looking to get a ticket there the the respondent. She might forget to mention that fact until they are there. Oops!

  2. I WISH people could un-give birth. There'd be a BUNCH of people I'd be shoving back into their mothers.


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