Dead as a Junkyard Dog

Profile Sent in by Julia:

About me:

Imagine Issac Newton, WIlliam Shakespeare, and ALbert Einstein all rolled into one. That is not me. I am junkyard dog, Arnold Shwartzenegar, and junkyard dog all rolled into one- don't forget that Shwartzenegar was smart enough to be a governor.

Who I'd like to meet:

Someone who is like Issac Newton, William Shakespeare, and Albert Einstein but in woman form. I want to be able to have sex with you and if you are a man then I probably won't even if you actually are Issac Newton, William Shakespeare, or Albert Einstein. I think that Einstein is dead now and I know that Shakespeare and Newton are. Please also do not be dead when you contact me haha.

My hobbies and skills:

junkyard dog


  1. Sorry, me, junkyard dogs know how to spell.

  2. So I should wait until I become a zombie to contact this person?

  3. Einstein died in the 1950s. Someone's not very caught up on current events.


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