Nor Will I

Profile Sent in by Marissa:

What I'm doing with my life:

I'm a mime. Deal with it. I put on the makeup, the black and white outfit, and make most of my living through miming.

You should be grateful that I'm a mime. If I wasn't I would be out screaming at children and throwing hot pizza in their faces. I will accept thanks via e-mail, although I would also like to extend the offer for me to mime for you. You have not seen anything like it.


  1. I hear France is wonderful this time of year for mimes to pick up girls.

  2. Is this available as an online degree?

  3. An incredibly sarcastic, self-hating mime, there's something new.

  4. Totally thought the profile was written by a girl at first. Still do. It's a WAY funnier visual, especially since I pictured her as a ginger for some reason.


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