Has Grandma Always Been Like This?

Email Sent in by Jake:

It's apparent that you have the best profile on here. I think you should write me but pretend that I never wrote you this message asking you to write me in the first place. That way when we have grandkids and they ask us for a school project how we met I can tell them "your grandfather messaged me first" and by then we might have even forgotten that I was the one to write your first in the first place and then we'll die having forgotten the truth forever and no one will ever know. Just you and I. Dead. Go ahead and I'll be waiting.



  1. I'm thinking she'll be waiting an eternity... Possibly a little longer.

    "But I did already write you first Suzanne! (wink wink) I sent you all those naked pics, remember? And then you told me how romantic they were and how you were going to return the gesture. Well, I'm still waiting..."


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