Making People Laugh

Email Sent in by Jenny:

Hey! :)

I just wanted to shoot you a quick message.

I really enjoyed your profile. It seems as if we have a few things in common with one another. We're already off to a great start ;)

I'm Richard by the way. I'm a stand up comic who travels the country telling jokes and sometimes I make people laugh lol

Maybe you could come to one of my shows when I'm in your town :)

I should tell you this though...

My ex broke up with me for having what she called an overly large penis. I tell you this because it ruined that relationship and the one previous to it. BOTH times I was blamed for not telling them from the start about it's size.

So, I'm not going to make that mistake again. I need you to know this now, up front, from the start about me.I don't want to be broken up over it for a third time.

I hope that doesn't scare you away. I'm not at all trying to be rude.

I hope to hear back from you :)


  1. And by saying "overly large" i mean "just below average"

  2. Sadly, this is a growing problem. Luckily, those of us thus afflicted have found a spokesman, a true champion of our cause, in the form of the great philanthropist Lorenzo von Matterhorn.


    What? I'm totally not trying to impress you with my 4 SRS GIANT DICK or anything. Nope, not at all. Just getting all that baggage out in the open.

    But srsly, CHECK OUT MY HUGE DICK.


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