The Doormat to a Woman's Heart

Email Sent in by Reena:

How would you like a guy who can pound back SIX BEERS IN ONE NIGHT? How about a guy who LEAVES YOU STRANDED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD? Or a guy who WIL EAT YOU OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME?

You WOULDN'T LIKE this guy??? That's strange! That's the guy my ex left me for! He sure sounds like a GREAT GUY! Knowing that a guy like that can be lucky is great news for the rest of us! We can all fart and pee all over you, and you'll be fine with it! You just love being treated like doormat!

I attached a pic of you! You will probably love it and want to go down all over me! Just because I treat you like trash! You love it! You know you do!


Reena Says: "Here's the attached picture. Not a bad likeness, actually."


  1. Was either parent a raccoon? Just out of curiosity.

    1. those are obviously two black eyes. because he already done told her twice as the good joke goes.

    2. nrrdcore, I believe the proper terminology is "Irish Sunglasses."

    3. lmao - never heard that one. I'm using it!

  2. Ahhh... The way to a girl's heart - taking out your anger and frustration on an entire half of the species in a public forum. Ironically any woman who falls for this would have to be a doormat.. Thereby creating a self-fufilling prophecy.


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