Above the Waist, I'm a Sparrow. Dealbreaker?

Profile Sent in by Thomas:

About me:

I am a normal girl who likes fun stuff. I'm good going out for drinks or fun or having fun while staying in. Just depends on the mood I'm in when the night hits. My music tastes are 90s pop but some alternative. Gotta keep it different, know? Ha.

I love spending time with my girlfriends and my friends are a huge part of my life! Their opinions count quite a bit toward me and so if you and I get along then you'll probably meet them before long. Don't worry they are all very nice! ;)

Guys 21-25 please! I am at MWSU studying biology. What are you studying in college?

You should probably know that below my waist I am actually a giant earthworm.


  1. Is that a really horrible way to tell someone that you're a hermaphrodite?

    1. "Intersex" is the appropriate term. And no. That's the way to tell someone your mother had a love affair with one of the sand worms from "Tremors."

  2. If I wrote books, I would definitely include an earthworm-centaur in the next one. AMAZING.

  3. Yeah, Howie, I know you're oversexed - but do you always see male pronouns in place of female ones? ;-)

  4. Holeeee...I sure misread that one eh?
    Either that, or all the blood rushed from my head to my own anaconda and I got confused!...Dur!

  5. Do early birds still get the worm?

  6. Anaconda...or garter snake? It's ok, Howie. You can be real with us.


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