Angelina Jowly?

Profile Sent in by Danny:

About me:

I'm known as Jowly Fungunner in certain circles. You should know not to mess with me or my friends. Last guy I dated found out the hard way. Mm hm. Leave it at that if you please.

Jowly Fungunner is the name I've had since my grandfather was old enough to give me a nickname. I always loved it and since he passed a year and a half ago I now use that name wherever I can and this is a place where I can. Sorry if you don't like it. Not for everyone. Hope you don't mind.

My jowls (see my pics) are normal size.


  1. Because in certain countries, you're not old enough to give a nickname until you're 75.

  2. Thank you! Out of all of the strange that was contained in this post, that was the part that stood out to me the most.


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