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im on some old school G-shyt just trying to live life hiccup free and keep my ass out of jail. i done lived a hell of a life to only be 30. its time for me to put my guns down. i got a big family that i fuk with real heavy. im just chillin though. hollor at me.

First Date
probably some redneck shyt. fire up the grill, talkin shyt with my people or just some chill shyt. whos to say what exactly a cats gonna do when it come to a date.


  1. There's a question on okcupid asking if the world would be a better place if stupid people weren't allowed to reproduce. It's basically a eugenics question but this guy may cause me to change my answer to "yes".

  2. In regards to stupid people being allowed to breed, I'm FIRMLY on the side of eugenics.

    Anyone ever read Texts from Bennett? This guy reminds me of him A LOT.

  3. I have no problem with stupid people being prevented from breeding! Also those who cannot afford to raise their children. I define stupid as those who cannot pass a parenting skills test.

    It would probably solve many of the worlds problems.


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