Swan Lust

Email Sent in by James:

A lot of guys on this website look like different animals. There was one guy I saw who had hair all around his face and looked like a lion! Hahaha it was very funny. You look more like a giraffe or a rodent but my kind of guy is a jackrabbit.

I think I look like a swan but without the long neck or feathers or too much whiteness. The gracefulness is really where I excel as a swan. If I was not a swan in a past life then I will work in this life to be known as a swan in a past life. It would explain a lot!



  1. Hmm... trying to picture someone who looks both like a rodent *and* a giraffe...

  2. Same, as well as trying to picture a woman who looks like a swan except for all the swan-like elements of a swan.


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