Move Over, Drano

Email Sent in by Maureen:

Dearest Maureen:

I am sorry if I did something that upset you. You seemed so distant and distracted last night. I know just what will wake you out of that sour dream of yours: seeing me again. I know what we can do together: something. Anything. Doesn't matter what. Seeing me will be all your need and you will be right as rain. My humor will seep into your bitter cracks and let bloom the flowers of sunnyside hope and sunlight. Let sleep those demons of yours and douche your mind out with me.



  1. Well, at least Erik got the part about him being a douche correct.

  2. Another student from the school of 'Make as many sexual references as you can and they will want to sleep with you'.

  3. "I noticed that when we were hanging out last night, you seemed like you weren't having a good time. Know what will make you feel better? HANGING OUT WITH ME."

    Does not compute. Please try again.


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