I Want on That Guest List

Email Sent in by Alexa:

Whoa u look liek hamster with yur chubby cheeks!@ Will u let me invite friends over to yur hours 2 have a partey where we can pinch and store foods in yur cheeks? U can spin around and we cn all duck to avoid yur large floppy cheeks. "OMG YUR CHEEKS R ALL FLOPPY" we will say and then we will duck and a friend who is hit with a cheek will be knocked out and have to go to the hospital and then she will write a book about it. the title will be "I was hit by a floppy lizard cheek." I kno yur a hamster not a lizard just too lazt to change it sorry…..


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  1. Honestly this sounds like a great party. I mean, obviously it's cruel to be mean to fat people just because of their weight and I don't condone it in any way. But I have to admit - if one of my friends told me "We're gonna have a party and this fat girl I know offered to let us stuff food in her cheeks and then she'll spin around rapidly while we dodge her corpulent bulk and it'll be AWESOME!"... well, I would probably be there out of morbid curiousity if nothing else.


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