Collect 'Em All Before Someone Else Does

Profile Sent in by Alexandra:

About me:

I like OJ! Not the football player/murderer but the juice! I make my own juices of fruit. Orange juice, apple juice, and even different mixy kinds like blueberry apple or grape orange raspberry! If we meet I will make you a single juice of your desired type! If we meet again there will be another juice granted to you! If we meet again yet another until you have collected all the juices.

I urge you to collect them all. With over 3,096,100 combos of juice, we can have a whole life together. I hope to find you out there somewhere.


  1. That's over 8,482 years of juice. Can anyone out there handle that much juice? I'd lose my mind.

  2. So, he the subway of juice, then.

  3. I kinda wanna meet this guy. Juice is awesome.

  4. I always guess the gender wrong on these! Thought for sure the writer was a girl, the kind of hippie-dippie, vegan, yoga-going, nothing-behind-her-eyes kinda gal who heard about juice cleanses and then took things a little too far.

  5. Ok, so hippie-dippie yoga girl or Tron: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmZo4d0LPFA

  6. @ Claire/Nikki I thought it was a girl too. And like Bubba from Forest Gump, with the amazing ability to name every shrimp/juice combination. I know you're supposed to "sell yourself" on dating sites, but if you're an actual commercial (for a blender perhaps), not so much.

  7. Like StringOfNumbers, I don't find this profile that off-putting - it seems like an original way to make yourself stand out.
    Though it is 'peculiar'.


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