And How Much Experience Pays off a Gas Bill?

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About me:

In the path unwinding, it's the circle… the circle of liiiiiife!

Remember those words? How could you not? We grew up with them. They describe me perfectly. My life has been a series of unwinding paths all leading in a circle. Now I am back in my hometown after a life of winding paths. I tried to make it on the outside, made it, and now I return as (probably) the richest guy in town.

Not rich in money, oh no. Something far more valuable. I am richest in LIFE and EXPERIENCE! And I am willing to share in my bounty! One date with me will make you hungry for my life spread. Two dates and you'll be hooked just like on crack but far more beneficial for the body and soul…

My paths have been filled with troubles but I went out and succeeded where others have failed. I have treated with kings and poets, warriors and gypsies, smarts and stupids, and I have found wisdom in every nook, every cranny.

I would love to date you!!! Especially if you are in publishing or are an editor (please have credits/published works to your name or the names of uyour clients and numbers at which I may reach them). I mean to publish my life story and am interested in anyone who can make it happen. If you are in the sicences or arts then perhaps someone else would be better for you! Serious inquiries only, please.


  1. Yeah, because I want to read the life story of some loser who moved back home into his parents' poolhouse.

    BTW, my friend Borat taught me a new dance move. It's called "Beat the Gypsy."


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