Email Sent in by Ward:


I think you were my burger king salesman tonight, the guy behind the counter. I'm not sure but you look a lot like him. I've been checking out your profile for days and now I am pretty sure you were him. When we meet up for a date can you bring me some mcnuggets? I am totally serious I don't have a problem with you working at burger king at all!: I just love seriously mcnuggets. If you can bring me a bucket of them then I mean I'd be fine just eatin them all in my car all night! Hahahahaha… we could have some fun with it and talk for a while. Let me know. What kind of sauces do you have there now?

Only bring me mcnuggets for free. If you say "I have to charge you for these" then I could've gone to get them myself and not from you. That or a big employees discount. Peace love and godbless.


(Ward says: "Don't work at Burger King.")


  1. Burger King doesn't sell McNuggets.

  2. Thank you, Kate. For a minute there I was wondering why this was supposed to be funny.

  3. Eva wanted free food, and she also told the guy "godbless" because Jesus said, "feed thee thy needy and thy hungry, and don't you say 'I have to charge for these' because thy poor could've gotten those by themselves and not from you." Amen.

  4. Seriously, of all the foods out there to "have some fun with," she goes for McNuggets?

  5. (waiting for Howie and a special sauce comment...)


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