Can the Throne Also Have a Mustache?

Email Sent in by Ralph:

Hiya. I am not usuallyone to write to someone online but your profile was really good. I am IMed by guys constantly on this site so I am not on too often but if you were to do three things for me then that would make it more easier for me to meet you and want to spent time with you.

1. Your profile does not have pics of you with a mustache. Will you grow one if asked? I ask because I may ask you to grow one. Or I may not.
2. I like putting all of my wall hangings up in one room only and keepingn other walls of the ouse clear of any hangings. If we were to get marreid and get a house together then will you be okay with that.
3. Since I was little I was the youngest in my family. My parents always gave me a throne (not really a throne) but a biggest seat at the table to sit in like I was their princess. Now it sounds wirrd but I still like having the largest chair at the table. Doesn't habe tp be an actual throne but something bigger than the other chairs at the table whever we go out ot eat or if we end up getting a house together sometime.

Let me know. Everyone has their quirks!



  1. Everyone has their quirks, but they're not all super inconvenient.

  2. MEdiator: The problem isn't that she has quirks. Its that she demands those quirks be obeyed, and it shows her priorities are really off.

    Its one thing to like pics on one wall. Its another to make that a requirement for dating her. Its one thing to like mustaches. Its another thing to demand it at a whim.

    If you are going to demand things, you want to demand things that actually matter in a relationship.

    You also have to ask what time of men this screens for. (probably super desperate or submissive)

  3. She has a bad case of Princess Syndrome.

  4. Entitled princesses are so cute... they call their childish whims "quirks" and pretend everyone has them.

  5. I think she's pulling the OP's chain and dosen't expect him to really take her seriously.

  6. ^I also would have thought that her inability to write a complete sentence without at least one glaring spelling/grammatical error would have made that plain to the others as well.

  7. Her parents should have given her grammar lessons instead of a throne.


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