But My Genitalia Are High-Key

Profile Sent in by Dick:

About me:

Hey guys I'm Kyla! New to all this so be gentle ;). So how does this work? I wait to get messages from you? Is it cool if I write out messages too? Still new to this so forgive me and my manners.

So I am a divorced woman, no kids. My genitalia are still pure and clean but don't take my word for it! See them for yourself!

During the day I reach preschool. Love the kids, but also always up for a night adventure to a bar or what have you. Fun and low-key to start.


  1. This is a gag profile. There have been others that I'm sure were quite real, but this one is written in a fashion that tells me that someone wrote it trying at another persona and failing.

  2. Either a gag or a pro.

  3. The gag part comes after seeing her junk. I suppose English may not be her native tongue. She could be Genitalian.


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