Why So Many Beer Bottles in Your Back Seat?

Email Sent in by Len:

You and I are like two broken beerbottles together in the back seat of life. Sometimes you win some sometimes you lose sometimes you win some. Which are you?

My roommaattee and I saw your profile and we LIKE IT but I am going to write to you first! My roommate is funnnn... she wants to have sex in a cinnamon enclosure of glass with lots of wild animals watching.

I kinda like her. Will you play the wild animal? Just kidding no we won't have sex or watch us having it.

a little drunk right about... now.

I want to melt your pretty smiling face off surrounded by candles the candles are what would burn not spells or potions. What say you?

Sorry I will wrote better message hahaha wild animals looking at me.



  1. So what count are we at for 1st emails containing threats of violence?

  2. ...How am I the only one who wanted to know if she ever "wrote better message"?


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