Story Sent in by Jeremy:

I was at a bar on my first date with Martha. It was a little chilly in there, and I asked her if she wanted to borrow my jacket, as she hadn't worn one there. She put it on and thanked me for it.

We spent about an hour and a half longer there before we both felt that it was time to call it a night. We stood, and she pulled my jacket tight around her. I figured that I'd walk her to her car and take my coat back.

As I paid the bill, she left in a hurry, without saying bye or even waiting for me. Or giving me my jacket back.

I told the waitstaff that I'd be right back for my card, then booked it after her.

She was a good distance down the sidewalk, but I chased her down. She looked back, saw me, yelped, and ran on. "Wait!" I called, "I just want my coat back!"

She ran faster, but I ultimately caught up and grabbed the back of my coat. "I just want my coat back," I repeated, "That's it!"

"It's my coat!" she screamed, then, in an abrupt 180, she slipped out of it and said, "Fine, take it!" and walked briskly back to her vehicle. I remained standing there, dumbfounded for several moments, then put the coat on, walked back to the bar, grabbed my card, then headed to my car and drove off.

Despite how well the date had gone up until that point, the coat incident soured me on the idea of ever reaching out to her again.


  1. She thought it would be "romantic" if she was able to keep your coat - whether you were a willing party or not...

  2. This girl goes on dates to get "new" clothes. Kind of like that guy that tried to take the ring from that girl.


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