Why the "Best Employee" Award Went Elsewhere This Year

Email Sent in by Joe:

Hi to you. Paula is me. I help run a shelter to protect uncared for women. I am not allowed to say where it is so I cannot tell you where I work. It's kind of cool to have a secret to keep… but I'm really bad at keeping secrets!

I love my job and I am proud of the work that I have done. Haha don't come looking for my job on Walden ave…. we are not there… or on a number 284+4….. not on walden ave. haha. jk i'm at 288 walden ave. don't tell anyone!

Hopefully ur not a baddie! haha. Tell me about your profile>?



  1. Telling a random stranger on the internet where a battered women's shelter is? Ignore the dating failure, she deserves real repercussions. Fire her, at least.

  2. ^Agreed. I cannot believe someone would do this! WTF?

  3. If the location is a secret then how do the women know how to get there when they need help? That's kind of like saying "Oh I run this food bank for the homeless but I can't tell anyone where it is because the city is trying to get rid of the bums. Yeah ... it's pretty quiet there."

  4. ^ It could be referral based.

  5. I'm thinking there's no shelter there, and it's some kind of prank.

  6. Based on google maps, if she isn't lying about the battered women's shelter it's probably this unmarked red brick building here across from the church.


  7. A shelter for "uncared for" women? How did she even get hired if that's the importance that she gives to the work a DV shelter does?

  8. ^^ Damn it theMediator, now everybody knows.
    hmmmm...I wonder if it's a good place to pick up chicks...?

  9. What is she even going for here? That he'll show up when she's working and... what exactly? It's not like a "uncared for women"s shelter is exactly a fun place for a dating couple to hang out.

  10. Not one person mentioned the "I am Paula" then signed by "Christa"?


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