Who Says Guys Aren't Sensitive?

Email Sent in by Barbara:

(Barbara says: "I had written in my profile that a friend's death had given me a new way of looking at things. Then, I received this:")

I see u play guitar. Thats cool. I play sex. Thats also cool. Maybe we could meet up and play each others instruments if u know what I mean.

I'm John and I guess u can call me a jack of all trades ha! I've been in bands up and down the coast but now I want to settle down. Tonight if possible. No time like the present and I live each day like it was my last…….

Sorry to hear about ur dead friend. He wouldn't want u to grieve. He'd want u to live life to the fullest with me in my bedroom together all night long! I can fill the missing hole in u…… heh.

Let me know when I can come by. U don't need to write something big back.



  1. You know, there are websites out there specifically designed for people to find no strings attached hookups. It seems that if these people would utilize those sites instead of trolling Match or Plenty of Fish or what the fuck ever, they'd both get what they're looking for in a more efficient manner and not look like a complete tool in the process. But alack, that would be too easy, I'm guessing.

  2. Never let a tragedy go to waste...

  3. It always astonishes me when someone writes to someone else and actually say the things that John said to the OP. I mean seriously would he say that to her in person probably not. Online dating has made it easy for people to say whatever crap they want w/o the worry of getting a drink thrown in their face or punched in the nutsack. Then again how would we entertain ourselves w/o people like John the Douchebag.

    OP sorry for your loss

  4. So THAT'S the guy who hangs out in front of the funeral home down the street.

  5. Smooth, John... real smooth. "I'm sensitive and shit, but what I really am is horny, and I don't want to try real hard or nothin'. Just come lay me already."

  6. I'm crashing funerals now man, grief is nature's most powerful aphrodesiac

  7. "You don't need to write something big back," my favorite part. Maybe "cum right on over" would've been his dream response.


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