A Well-Spoken He-Cheetah

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About me:

I am a normal fellow with predilections for late-night philosophizing by candlelight. I also enjoy the prosthelytizing of the masses upon the Yule season. I enjoy a good wit, and it is a pleasure to winnow away the hours with passing fancies. JUST KIDDING I AM A HE-CHEETAH IN HEAT. I WANT TO SHOW YOU EVERY KIND OF ECSTASY. DO YOU DIG ME? SO JUST WRITE TO ME AND I WILL MAKE YOU SATISIFED. THIS IS A GUAURANTEE SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I AM NOT A WILLY BOY. I AM STRONG


  1. I am neither philosophizing nor prosthelytizing. Rather, I am a HE-CHEETAH.

    In heat, too.

    Thus, do me. Now.

    Dig me. Me give you ECSTASY.

    Any questions?

  2. One of the perks is a free supply of Cheetos...


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