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Profile Sent in by Joan:

What I'm doing with my life:

I work. That's all you need to know. Enough to feed myself and pay my bills. This sites questions are too personal. How dare you ask me what I'm doing with my life? What about you, people who run this site? What are YOU doing with your lifes? Besides reading me private info! We should all rebel against the bastards who want us to give up our freedoms just so that they could make a quick buck! What business is it of theirs? Or YOURS! Trolling my profile looking for my secrets, well you will get exclactly what you deserve, which is nothing. Go play 1984 someplace else you sick dick excuse for a human blabbing parakeet.

I work in a pet store. It is good and rewarding.


  1. I see lack of heavy petting in their future.

  2. ^I feel bad for the dogs in that store.

  3. Someone's slightly bitter and lonely, and probably lives with several cats.

  4. But Churro, the cats keep you company so you're not lonely.

    Trust me, I know.

  5. Can you pay your rent or bills working at a pet store?

  6. Tin foil hats are on aisle five. This guy buys them in bulk.

  7. See, I think this guy is just having a laugh - he does actually eventually answer the question. Honestly, if this was a girl I'd question their grammatical skills but otherwise see no reason to not give them a shot, based only on this - it doesn't necessarily indicate paranoia to me, just an amusing attempt at humor that falls a bit flat. Now, if there's something else there that backs up his being paranoid, then never mind all of this and stay the hell away.


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