That's Fowl

Profile Sent in by John:

The first things people usually notice about me:

I was told by a guy once that I look like a naked chicken, lol. I think he meant it as a compliment because chickens naked can be hot in a weird sort of way. I mean chickens without feathers! My friend Laverne says "chickens clothed have feathers!!!" LOL. I grew up with chickens in my backyard. I guess I just am always gunna be linked with them.

I also do a good chicken impression. If we meet I might do it for u. Cluck cluck bakaw! hahahahaha jK. A little embarrassing but some boys seem to like it. My eggs are not like chicken eggs though so we're not completely similar, LOL.


  1. when I shave my balls, it looks like chicken skin. I can't imagine her having a scrotum face and tell me there is something hot about that...

  2. Perhaps it is just me, but this profile makes me totally freaking crazy HOT.

    Ummm...human vulva eggs...


    Hot sauce...


  3. ^^Much love, Howie, to you and your naked chicken balls.

    A student of mine recently wrote an essay on Hamlet in which she referred to "the fowl murder" of King Hamlet. Fowl, indeed.

  4. The only way a plucked chicken can be hot is hot from the oven.


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