That Hard to Find, Eh?

Email Sent in by Nancy:

My hand was in my pants when I read your profile. When I wrote this message, my hand was still in my pants. When you read this, my hand will likely still be in my pants.

If you have a profile on this site, by definition, your hand is likely also in your pants. DO NOT DENY IT! THIS IS IMPORTANT - we should warm our hands near a flame together and then slide them down each other's pants and manipulate our pleasure buttons. WHY DON'T MORE WOMEN GET THIS? IF YOU WANT SEX TAKE IT! IT'S YOURS! IMMORTALITY!



  1. I admire his dedication- I just don't have enough patience to type a whole email one-handed. I barely have enough patience to type on my droid keyboard.

  2. I can't figure out how "IMMORTALITY!" fits here. Did he mean pregnancy?

  3. Whoo hoo! Im member triple deuce! Lurking for at least a year. Now my first post. And all I have to say is this. Movie Line. Immortality! Its Yours! Thank you Brad Pitt.

  4. It's from Troy. The film was an hour too long, but the Pitt's character had a few decent lines.


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