The Scientific Field Grows in Unexpected Directions

Email Sent in by Rachel:

Good morning!

Thanks for the pics of your butt but they weren't attached. Resend please. Also send pics of your mom's butt if you can so I can see what yours will look like in 15-80 years (assuming that your mom had you at 15). If it is saggy then don't worry - there will be advances to saggy buttscience by then I am sure, or I can make a special butt bra for you. My old one might be kicking around. Butt pics plz!!!


(Rachel says: "This was my first message from this guy. I replied with a picture of my middle finger.")


  1. Should have sent him a picture of your mom's middle finger, too xD

  2. ^I feel as though that would have been appropriate.

  3. I dunno, his reasoning seems very sound to me. Buttscience has been astounding mankind since the beginning of time...

  4. It's the complete lack of pretense or effort that pissed her off. He could've tried something like "we have a few things in common, like our tastes in music and movies. Anyway, wanna send me some pictures of your butt?"

  5. I would've sent him a glorious picture of my ass. Like this one: http://tinyurl.com/3r9upem

  6. ^ Goatse warning

  7. This is not 4chan. /voteban rawr the dinosaur

  8. Oh please. a) It's relevant and b) there's no way anybody could not see it coming.

  9. I most definitely didn't see it coming. I'm trying desperately to unsee and IT ISN'T WORKING.


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