It's Drizzling Men

Story Sent in by Emilia:

I was at dinner on my first date with Anton and we were chatting over drinks when he asked me, "Ever done it with more than one guy at once?"

I nearly choked on my mashed potatoes and told him, "No. Have you?"

He replied, "Want to? I just have to make a phone call."

"No thanks. Don't you live at your mother's?"

He nodded, "Yeah, but I was thinking that we could, you know, do it at your place."

I replied, "In your dreams."

"Why?" he asked.

"I have to explain myself?"

He folded his arms. "I should think so. I'm offering you a night of happiness and you're turning me down, so I'd like to know what the problem is so that I can either fix it for you or so that I know what not to do next time with some other woman."

"First off, you don't proposition someone on a first date and ask if I'd like it if you included another guy–"

He shoved his smartphone in my face and showed me a picture of a shirtless guy in sunglasses and a white hat on backward. "Feast your eyes on this!" he said.

I said, "Not much for me to look at."

Anton took his phone away, slipped it back into his pocket, and said, "Fine. I'll sleep with him, then. At least one of us will be getting ass tonight."

"Go for it."

"I will! Excuse me." He stood up and left the table, then returned after a few minutes and said, "Hey, so yeah, I'm being picked up in a few. Will you be okay on your own?"

I glanced down at our drinks. "You're paying for your part of the tab, right?"

He said, "Oh. Yeah. Okay. I guess so."

We paid the bill together, and he hurried out, ahead of me. The date hadn't ended well, but at least we both received what we both had wanted.


  1. I know for sure troll the dating sites looking for easy ladies, obviously he misinterpreted her profile (I love to have fun!) The bisexual aspect was just the cherry on top... I guess.

  2. There was no cherry with 2 guys involved. Lots of corn-holing.


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