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Both men and women can be heartless. I'd like to find someone who's above all the childish games. Someone who I can rely on, depend on as an ally. Someone who will treat me right and let me treat them right in exchange. I have a lot of love to give, and I think I'm worthy of it, myself.

I'm trying to avoid a situation like my last breakup. A guy who doesn't mind, I guess, that I stop my car when I see roadkill and move it off to the side of the road. It's out of respect, and I don't expect everyone to do that or even to understand, but I do expect to be respected. I do not eat the roadkill nor do I taste it for freshness. That would be disrespectful. God help you if you ever hit an animal while driving. My ex hit a squirrel. I saw its poor tail swirling around and around in the mirror. I told him to pull over so I could go save it and give it a proper respect. He wouldn't, so I screamed and screamed until he stopped the car, shoved me out of it, and drove away. We were in the middle of nowhere! That's how it ended, and I want a guy who will actually have compassion. Are you that guy?


  1. Hm, I actually don't see anything really wrong with wanting to move roadkill off of the road, and if I had to guess the "I do not eat the roadkill nor do I taste it for freshness" line would have been a barb thrown at her by her ex that she is now repeating.

    However, her disproportionate response to him not wanting to go back, especially after saying "I don't expect everyone to do that" hurts her credibility. That and I hope she keeps a lot of Purell on hand.

  2. Can anyone guess what happens when you try to start a relationship on the basis of what you DON'T want?


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