The American Dream

Email Sent in by Rory:

haha u say u work in pharmacy but we both know what dat means….. so wat kinds do u have? my bff likes good pot and i want coke. can u hook us up?????

how much u charge for good pot? my bff i want coke. u got any? ever been busted lol u must have some good stories maybe we can meet up somoke some and u could tell us my bff is a fighter gurl… like me lol. yull like me more though her ass is saggy you can even tell in her pants!!!! lol sorry tmi… let me know when we can score somepot or coke.

coke would be better becuz i dont smoke pot any more. bad for you but my friend wont listen lol she's in a cloud almost every day! lol let me know when we can score…. ur pics are hot so let us know k?



  1. Bonus points if this guy was feeling vindictive and turned this message over to a cop.

  2. Folks, if your mental firepower is less than a pocket calculator's, please spare your poor brain the drugs. Thanks.


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