You're Just That Memorable

Emails Sent in by Karl:

Hey Karl!!

You're going to think this is weird but here goes? Did we go on a date last week! I think we had one planned but I can't even remember having one with you? Did I forget or did we actually go out to dinner or lunch or what!

Along those lines if we did not have a date last week then maybe you want to have one this week? I promise to not forget as much this time?


Karl Responds:


We didn't go on a date last week. We talked about the possibility two weeks ago, and I haven't heard from you from that day to this.


Sandra responds:

DATE, OH???????

(Karl says: "I decided to wait to see if I'd hear any more from her than a nonsensical exclamation. Still haven't."


  1. You should have told her you raw-dogged her behind McDonalds

  2. a) I hate people who say "from that day to this." That phrase shows up too often on this site. Much like how I've renamed the overused phrase "it is what it is" with "Stop. Hammertime," I shall replace this new phrase with "Ice Ice Baby."

    The new text reads: "and I haven't heard from you Ice Ice Baby."


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