You Know, Everything I'm Not

Profile Sent in by Ken:

About me:

I kno i have 25/f listed on my profile but i'm really older… ;) also blurred my pics so u can just see my shapely…. ;) ;P

Better to kno someone because of who they r and not cause of how u think they r.

MEN: send me ur pics first or I WILL NOT RESPOND. 2 many guys on here are fatter or look nothing like there pics. Please be handsome smart and cool.


  1. If only mankind could figure out a way to harness the untapped energy in hypocrisy. This profile alone could solve the world's energy crisis.

  2. This one profile alone could power New York for a week.

  3. If you added the rage that generates inside of me every time I read something as disgustingly incoherent as that profile, you could power China to the point that it'd put the coal industry out of business.

  4. Wow, double standards to the max


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