You Carry Them With You?

Profile Sent in by John:

The most private thing I'm willing to admit:

I've been told that I'm a real winner in the sack. Want proof? I've got proof. I make sound recordings of all of my encounters. I have over 20. That's right. If you want I will play them for you. No I will not send them out over the Internet due to privacy concerns. But we can listen to them as often as you like in person. Just ask.


  1. But of course, darling! Now, usually I listen to my OWN mix tapes, but I'll make an exception just for you.

    Should I bring the jelly?


  2. ...and 2 of the 20 encounters are actually with somebody and one of them isn't even my cousin!

  3. They're all super real, too cause I know for sure when someone's faking.

  4. Sorry, recording your masturbation sessions isn't that impressive. You can only come up with so many different voices for left and right.


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