Lock Up Your Chickens

Email Sent in by Susan:

My ex said I'm not sensitive. This just happened to prove her wrong:

Last weekend I was at a party way the hell out of town and it was at a friends barn and the friends actually own it's a real working famr and so they had real working chickens and roosters and hay and goats. Some people all said "let's feed beer to the chickens and goats" but I am a friend to all animals and I lover them too so I defended them.

"Do not feed beer to these animals" I said and they wanted to fight me for the honor of beering the animals so we formed two battle lines there in the hay and those of us who didn't want to feed beer were smaller and they bloodied us up but we ran and grabbed and freed the animals over the fences and my friend who owned the famr said "you asshole you owe me new chickens!" he wouldn't shut up and I justdefnded his chickens so I punched him out! and took off.

So……. guess you can say I defend animals and am sensitive and whatever else. Justr who I am .  So tell me about you.



  1. I'd be mad too...but only for wasting beer on chickens.

  2. Real working hay even. You have to be extra sensitive to notice something like that.

  3. "I am a friend to all animals and I lover them too." While being a friend to animals is nice, being their lover is considered animal cruelty in most states.

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  5. Exposing domesticated animals to the wild with no guaranteed food or water source and predators... reeeeaaaal sensitive. You'd be surprised how many farm animals like fermented food/drink and frequently get into it if it's left out.

  6. Maybe the chickens came right back when they were hungry? ...or are chickens not like cats?

  7. Read this as that same guy immediately after it all happened and still drunk.


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