When a Simple "No Thanks" Won't Suffice...

Email Sent in by Raymond:


I am in receipt of your message. I have looked at your profile. We cannot and shouldnot date. You are obviously a wizard who steals girls' souls. I can tell because of thecodes you have written into your profile as a marker to other wizards:

"I have an uncle who's a practicing hypnotherapist in Los Angeles. Whenever he hypnotizes me, I wonder if he's also hypnotized Tom Cruise, and if he can hypnotize us into switching places, even if only for a day. Just for novelty purposes."

This can be read as: "I AM A MonSTer/WIZard WHO StEaLS The CAGes (souls) OF WOMEN."

Another example: "I have friends in Louisiana and I went down there after Katrina to help build homes. Building a house, even for a group of people (and especially when most of those people have never built a house before) is surprisingly difficult."

This I can see through to mean: "POWer POWer I DrAW From The SOULs Of WOMAN. POWer POWer."

Thanks for your interest anyway.



  1. "No thanks"? More like, "phew, thanks!"

  2. Sadly, this looks a lot like paranoid schizophrenia.

  3. Now that is some distilled insanity.


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