Faster Disaster

Story Sent in by Brendan:

Sheila and I had already met up for one date. During that date, she had mentioned her recent purchase of a new Toyota and of how proud she was of it. I'm into cars, so I expressed an interest in seeing it sometime.

My chance came soon enough. For our second date, she offered to pick me up in her car and take me out for a spin. I climbed in and off we went.

She drove around the block, then took off down some other local roads. It seemed to handle well. Then, I noticed that she was speeding, and increasingly so.

"You can slow it down," I said, "This is a windy road."

She said, "Speed limit's 85 here."

I said, "It's state route 85. Speed limit's 30."

"Nuh uh," she said, and pointed to a sign that said "85" on it. She sped up.

"Really, it's route 85. Speed limit's 30. Slow down, please."

She took a turn at 55 and kept going. Her tires squealed. "Speed limit's 85," she said.

"Stop the car," I said.

"Speed limit's 85," she repeated, as if she didn't hear me at all.

"Stop the car! Stop it!" I yelled.

She didn't reply and sped up to close to 70 on a straightaway. I did the one remaining thing I could think of. She had talked about how much she loved her new car, and so I hit my door repeatedly with my closed fist. Bang, bang, bang, over and over.

She screamed, "What are you doing? Cut it out!" and slowed the car down. I didn't stop banging, she yelled for me to stop, and hit my shoulder repeatedly. I didn't quit smashing on the door until she pulled over and stopped the car. I jumped out of it, without even closing the door behind me.

She reached over, slammed my door shut, and peeled off, leaving me there, over a mile away from my house. I walked back, dreading the idea that she was going to turn around and fly back down the road in my direction. She didn't come back, and when she didn't contact me again after that, I didn't mourn the loss.


  1. I'd be impressed if she had her face in your lap that whole time and you still survived.

    Her speeding was questionable, but you could have been less of a little girl.

  2. I think she is ignorant of life in general. there is no local street with a speed limit of 85 anywhere.

  3. Dave, her going above 60, in a 30, is not questionable, it's really reckless and dangerous. Am I saying going 40 in a 30 is terrible? no, but going faster than that, especially your first time driving a person around is dangerous.

    Some people get very uncomfortable with someone else's driving style

    Did the OP handle it like a real man, and leap out of the car while it was still moving? no, But he didn't hurt anyone and saved himself from spending more time with someone with no grasp on reality

  4. Maybe she had one of those Toyotas with the faulty gas pedal. She was trying to play it off all cool, while she was actually really scared. PEOPLE DIED... because of floor mats. OP could have been a little more sympathetic.

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  6. @ Dave: Because having a sense of self-preservation is for pussies, right? This has nothing to with manliness. That girl was putting their lives and the lives of others at risk. I don't know about you, but I would think that if a man is in a situation that could end with the loss of his life, he's probably not going to be thinking, "Hmmmm... I wonder if escaping this situation would be manly. I guess not; better stick around and possible die. Dying is manly, right?"

  7. Also, keep in mind that women can't drive anyway. The manliest thing to do would've been to punch her out and take over the wheel. Blindfolded.

  8. Baku, what are you on about? Everyone knows dying is so much cooler than fearing for your safety and taking measures to protect yourself. Survival is for WIMPS.

  9. Actually, if this story is true, I think the OP handled it pretty well. He showed a rare presence of mind using her psychological attachment to the car in order to trick her into stopping.

    At the same time, I'd be curious to see a rebuttal.

  10. Up here in Canada, if pulled over she could have been charged with "Driving with the Intent to Kill" and faced a nice little jail sentence for driving that fast.

  11. Oh you crazy Canadians with your logical laws and such!

  12. Being into cars myself, I doubt the OP's credentials having said a Toyota handles well.

  13. OP did the right thing, going that fast was just reckless.


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