What a Night

Email Sent in by Ryan:

i woke up this morning and all my vaseline was gone lol. u take it? i ask becuz i did a site search for vaseline and your profile came up…… only thing thats wierd is that i cant find vaseline written anywhere on ur profile…….???????

srsly, wheres my vaseline???? this is driving me crazy!!!!!



  1. This is just BS. Anyone who has masturbated with Vaseline knows how difficult it is to remove this product after the fact.

    I would highly recommend a water soluble product.

    In regards to Vaseline and an online profile, well, just imagine the effort and person hours involved in disinfecting your monitor (if you care). Let alone your keyboard.

    Ah, to be young again...

  2. Chilledogg: since it was a girl writing a guy, talking about Vaseline, I'm not sure that masturbation was what she meant. Hint: it probably did involve Ryan, Brianna and possibly a few other guys.


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