So in the Future, I'm Superman?

Email Sent in by Milo:

(Milo says: "This message came from someone whose profile I had never even looked at before.")

Dear Me:

I am you from the future: do not message the girl whose account this comes from. Why is this? I will tell you that you write to her raise a family with her and then you leave one day but she thinks that you are leaving forever. You are not really leaving forever but she thinks you did. She then hunts you down and there is a brawl over many city blocks and then she hurts you and you bend her over a traffic pole.

The police come to help you both but you are now both in the air and no one can save either of you as you fly up and up and up. One of you (I guess it's you since you're the one writing this) makes it down somehow and now I am writing to remind you to not write to this woman! Badbadbadbadbadbadbad you!


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