She Who Laughs Last, Laughs Chest

Story Sent in by June:

Nate and I spoke online for a week before he asked me out. We met in person, in early evening on a moderately busy street. He looked a bit different from his photos, and by different, I mean he sported an extra 30-40 pounds of difference. He had the thickest neck that I'd ever seen.

However, apparently, I wasn't the only one who was taken aback. "Damn," he said after we spotted each other, "Nice tits."

My chest is satisfactory for most guys. Thank you for noticing. In fact, you could see that in most of my profile pictures. It shouldn't have come as any sort of surprise. What surprised me was the fact that in person, Nate's chest was about the same size as mine.

"Plastic okay?" he asked.

"Excuse me?"

He pulled out his wallet, removed a credit card, and reached for my cleavage with it. I hit his hand away. His smile turned into a rigid frown.

He asked, "What's your problem? I was just complimenting you."

I stepped away and replied, "All right. Thanks."

He turned away from me and yelled, right there on the street, "Hey everyone! This girl can't take a compliment about her tits!"

I had had enough of this clown. I yelled back, "Since when is 'They're almost as big as mine' a compliment?"

There was scattered laughter, but no one really paid much attention. Nate trembled and stepped toward me like he meant to hit me, then stopped himself and said, "You're not worth it. Get out of my face."

I remained standing where I was and said, "I'm staying right here. You leave."

He muttered, "Call me when you grow up, out of kindergarten," and then took off. I didn't realize up until that point that I had been quivering, myself. Still, I'm glad that it worked out for the best, and gladder still that he never tried to contact me again.


  1. Nice comeback!

  2. Too bad there wasn't a photo upload option...
    I'd love to see his moobs.

  3. I'd like to hear the rebuttal for this one - just seems way too one-sided.

  4. Sounds more like to me like the OP is a judgmental snob who couldn't take the fact that the guy weighed more than he did in his photographs, so she decided to deny him a date for it. I wouldn't be surprised if a large amount of dialogue was left out of this that makes her the "bad date" in this situation. Definitely think this deserves a rebuttal.

  5. ^ On the other hand, why shouldn't she be judgemental if he deliberately misled her about his weight? If any of what she claimed that he said was the truth, then he deserves everything he gets.

  6. I'm surprised that the OP is remarking on Nate's size, since in my experience, women with large breasts tend to be pretty fat also. It's POSSIBLE to meet a naturally large-bosomed woman with a slender waist, but the combination is rare.

    That said, sliding your credit card through a woman's breasts lacks class. A REAL gentleman would leave a check. ;-)

  7. SilentHope, really? It sounds to me like OP landed a date with a massive douchebag who thinks OP should be grateful for his attention, however creepy it may be.

    I cannot stand the "what's your problem, I was just giving you a compliment!" dudes. No, your wanting to fuck me is not really a compliment.

  8. Pics (of her) or it didn't happen!

  9. she quivered herself...lol


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